The difference between the Prophets and Apostles

The difference between the Prophets and Apostles -Actually, in terms of understanding, there is no difference between the Prophets and Apostles. Both are servants of God who receive revelation from Him.

However, if we refer to a variety of history, as well as discussed by scholars, it turns out there is a difference between the prophets and apostles.

According to Allama Thabathabai, all prophets were messengers of God, and not all prophets were messengers. The fundamental difference according to him is, if the prophet just get revelation through a dream, but the apostle receive direct revelations through the angel, and he saw and spoke directly to the angel of revelation.

According to Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi, the apostle is privileged and special envoy of Allah.

Other scholars also noted the difference between the two, for example:

1. Apostle is the messenger who brings new Shari’a while the prophet was a messenger to spread Shari’a duty before and preaching teach.

2. The apostle is a prophet who had the scriptures, while the prophet does not have it.

3. Apostle surely commanded to spread the revelation to him, while the prophet was ordered to pass sometimes and sometimes not. []



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